About the Belchamp Walter Village Hall Website

Church and Hall

Due to the Coronavirus situation the Village Hall has suspended ALL operations. This includes any real development on this website - not that anyone seems to care!

It you have noticed, and you probably haven't, the website is considerably different to its original incarnation. The site is now a mixture of Wordpress (the original platform chosen by Colin Doman) and custom code designed and written by Martin Winter. The custom code allows a far greater amount of flexibilty for web design, however, Wordpress still has its place. If the website is passed on to a third webmaster I reccomend that it stays with Wordpress. The reason for this is that Wordpress is generally accepted what I do is far too difficult for mere morals to understand.

In addition, the Wordpress site is indexed by Google more readily than an indendantly hosted website.

Navigation and Spam

This means that there is a slightly different page layout between the Wordpress pages and the new pages.

The web address: "https://belchampwaltervillagehall.co.uk" will always take you to the home page on the Wordpress site. From there is is likely that you will find yourself on https://bwvh.uk - this is the "new" website and the aim here is to provide a "richer" web experience than is possible with Wordpress.

The design of this website has been adapted from previous work on the Parish Counci website and I have developed a new style for the Village Hall. There was too much similarity between the two as the layouts were similar although the color scheme was purposely made different. This new style was based on the Wordpress site on which I applied a new theme. I think that the "Business" theme gives a cleaner interface for the Village Hall site and renders better on mobile devices.

As a consequence of the generation of a new Village Hall website I have learnt a lot about developing on wordpress.com - and as such I am open for anyone who is interested to become my understudy and be in a position to administer this website if I were to desire to give it up. The person doing so would then have the choice of continuing with Wordpress, choose another development platform or to inherit the code that I have developed for my own site and the Parish Council. This code is not complex and offers anyone who takes it on an excellent start in website design and development should they wish to pursue this as a career option. If you are interested in this, or know of someone who would be, please feel free to contact the webmaster of the Village Hall or Parish Council websites.

One of the features that the webmaster is trying to introduce to this website is the ability to display galleries of photographs taken by villagers and those attending events. While there are other platforms to do this, such as Facebook, Instagram and other photo-sharing websites, there is no reason why this website cannot have its own galleries. In fact, it has been a hobby of the webmaster to produce such displays. The basis of future slideshows is the file/page val_gal.html (with the css file gal.css)

Belchamp Walter Village Hall