One of the things that I am impressed with in Wordpress is the current handling of Spam. At the present time I have made the descision to use Wordpress for communications for the Village Hall. To this end I have re-written the forms on the Wordpress site so that they echo back a message when the form is submitted. This was one of the things that I initially found was lacking on the Wordpress site. However, the forms have to be re-written as the old forms cannot have this feature added.

I have also added an anonymous comment form - the Hall booking form now has a Date Picker.

Contact Forms

Whether Wordpress is a greater target for spammers that a non-Wordpress site is the subject to much debate, however, Contact forms are particularly prone to attack. For example, I disbled the contact form on the original website and replaced it with another, it was found within less than 12 hours.

I might try and making a copy of this contact form and call it something else, both the page name and the menu item. Communicate and Talk instead of Contact

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