It was my understanding that the Wordpress subscription would revert to a "free" one after 20 Feb 2020. ( did tell me that there would be advertisements on the "free" site - I was not sure how annoying these advertisements would be. Becky told me that they were so the subscription was renewed

As the subscription was running out I decided to make some pretty radical changes to the old website. The most noteable was the change in "theme" from "TwentyEleven" to "Business". I think that this theme is a much better choice for the Village Hall site and if access to the Wordpres site is as they say it will be I may run it along side of - Some major changes will be made to the menus and the booking forms will continue on the new site.

The Mapping of

This was a free service that came part of the "Personal" plan. It is not clear whether this will (was going to) remain after the 20th. I suspect that it will as it requires that changes be made to the nameservers on the Wordpress side. Even with the "Personal" I had no control over this and and the domain registrar say that it needs to be changed at the domain registrars control panel.

As I renewed the subscription for 2 years this is not a problem and the mapping of will remain until 2022.

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