Legal Declarations relevant to Belchamp Walter Village Hall

Belchamp Walter Village Hall is a registered charity run as a non-profit organisation on behalf of the community.

The Village Hall is run by a management committee made up by a group of volunteers from the local community. It is entirely self-funded, supplemented by fundraising events with support from Belchamp Walter Parish Council.

The documents relating to the legal responsiblities of the Village Hall are as follows:

Plus a disclosure of the nature of the Village Hall Committee, including the Committee members, financial information and when the Committee meets.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This has been revised in light of the operation of the new website. Please see the page on GDPR

The Village Hall website DOES NOT use any cookies and does not track visitors using Google Analytics. All coomunications are made with visitors, booking and feedback forms, with Privacy as a prime consideration. Personal data is only used with the visitors permission and they will be given a choice everytime they communicate with the Hall using the website. The user/visitor can revolke their privacy choices at any time.

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